Downloadable “Philsongs Songbook”

With special thanks to David Lagesse, we are pleased to announce that the updated version of the Philsongs Songbook is now available – free of charge! Lyrics included in this document include every song that is sung on the three currently available CD’s and are as they are sung.

Download the Philsongs Song Book.

The Project Philsongs Anthology

As a boy in the 1960’s, I could only dream of going to Philmont. I had read about it in my Handbook and in Boy’s Life and I finally made it there in July of 1989. It was, and still is, the greatest thing I have ever done in Scouting, or any where else.

I have only done the one expedition in ’89. In June of ’95 I was coming back to California from Arkansas on (Interstate) 40. As long as I was in the neighborhood I stopped by the Ranch to do some shopping at the Tooth of Time Traders and also took the Villa Philmonte tour.

I wanted to climb the Tooth again but there was a peregrine falcon nesting up there and the Tooth was closed.

I have never been on the Philmont Staff, but would love to do that.

I had purchased the “Philmont Songbook” in ’89 when I was there, I had grown dissatisfied in the print quality, and all the wrong words, but realized that it was fairly good for the times.

I rejoiced when they re-mastered the “Philsongs – Remembered Days” on CD. I had been sad because my old cassette tape was getting worn out and aged, of course I had to buy the new CD and also bought the other CDs too!

I started the “Philsongs” book for just for my self and soon realized that this was too important a document to not share it with others. I had determined right from the start that the lyrics would be as sung on the CDs.

David Lagesse