The Philmont Staff Association

Who can join?

Seasonal Staff

If you are a current or former seasonal staff member of Philmont you can…

PTC Instructor

If you are a current or former PTC instructor, host or facilitator you can…


If you were an instructor at Philmont for NJLIC or NAYLE Staff you can…

Double H Staff

If you are a former seasonal staff member of the Double H you can…

Not sure if you fit into any of those categories, contact Amy Boyle, VP Membership.

Benefits of Membership

Member Directory

Get in touch with other members of the PSA or locate your former tent mate to send them a holiday card.

High Country

Receive our award-winning High Country magazine in digital or paper format at least six times a year. Special editions too!

Reunions and Treks

Participate in our annual reunion at Philmont. Trek the backcountry in the summer and fall. And attend local reunions.


Cast your vote for our governing board every three years and even run for a position yourself.

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Ways The PSA Supports Philmont Staff

The Annual Fund was started in 1999 to give our members an avenue to provide direct financial support to the Philmont Staff Association and its mission. Our support of Philmont, the seasonal staff, and the wilderness adventure depends on the success of the Annual Fund. Give today…
Building HOmE. The Philmont Ranch Committee and Philmont management have invited us to construct our own standalone PSA office building as part of their Philmont Museum Expansion. Learn more…
Another season at Philmont is right around the corner, and again I bring my request for former staffers to volunteer to befriend a staff group at Philmont this summer. Hiring is nearly complete, camps and trails are being prepared, and the winter moisture is being assessed. Learn more…
Our Rayado scholarships have been around since our founding in 1973. But over the years we’ve expanded our giving to include individual ROCS, Trail Crew Trek, OA Trail Crew, and STEM treks as well as college tuition for returning seasonal staff. Learn more…
  • Building HOmE Pledges 67.22% 67.22%
  • Building HOmE Receipts 55% 55%
  • 2018 Annual Fund 5% 5%

Recent Blog Posts

2019 Volunteer Vacation

      The Trail to Cito peak—Year 4We didn’t make it to Cito Peak last September. Instead the Vacation Volunteers were redirected to a rush project – co-working with the Conservation Staff to punch through 3,300 feet of new trail to provide...

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2019 PSA Summer Trek: We’re Back!

Oh, how it hurt to hear the announcement that all 2018 treks were canceled. 67 PSA Trekkers had formed their crews and formulated their custom itineraries. Everyone was ready to go. It hurt even more to hear about and see the fire damage. But everyone understood. Philmont would survive and be better. Campers would return and so would the PSA treks. And now… We’re back!

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2019 PSA PhilBreak

Even before the devastating Ute Park Fire was finally extinguished, PSA members began asking how they could help. Many contributed to the Fire Recovery Fund, but others wanted to provide hands-on assistance. They wanted to be on-site and help heal the land they love.

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