Originally scheduled from 6-7 on Wednesday night the 30th of May, the Boston Reunion lasted over three hours with over 30 people in attendance.

Those who came were:
Dawn Chandler, Ed Pease, Mark Griffin, Bob Birkby, Alan Lewitz, Richard Munger, Bray Barnes, Dave Bates, Fr. Don Hummel, Paul Demers, Jim Smith, Martin Edmondson, Audrey Brown, David Setzer, Karl Cheng, Ken Valentine, Brad Haddock, Keith & Lois Jean Gallaway, Penny Weaver, Joe Farrell, Jack Butler, Ron Bromley, Bill McKown, George Wardle, Clyde Mayer, Don Cunningham, Ben Jetsam, Frank Reigelman, Bill & Sandi Davis, John Alline, Mary & Bruce Walcutt, Nathaniel Winnie, Carey Mignerey and Greg ‘Doc’ Walker

100% original Philmont trail food was served as appetizers, along with an incredible epicurean spread of food that was generously donated by Ed Pease.

Keith Gallaway gave a Philmont update and Dawn Chandler spoke briefly about the PSA.

When the crowd broke up, a few PSA members retreated to a local establishment to refresh themselves with some local bug juice prepared by the greatest of Boston brewers, Sam Adams…