Greetings, all! Sitting here in Denver on Sunday night, wondering how it is that I was sitting in the morning sun reading the paper and am now wondering how much snow we’re going to get from this storm! Yes, a typical Denver spring -but at least it didn’t snow on our reunion!

I’m happy to report it was a wonderful event, complete with stories that have become more elaborate with time, friendships that were rekindled and strengthened, and
children that were running around with nametags on with the year they’d be eligible to start working at Philmont! (How does 2016 hit you?)

Thanks to the tremendous support from Tim ‘Techman’ Rossseisen and the phenomenal barbecuing expertise of Forky Rudin, 52 adults and 24 children enjoyed the first annual PSA Denver Area Reunion!

We passed out a lot of registrations for the summer reunion, with promises from many that they would be with us in August. A tradition has begun, and we all looked forward to next year’s event being even bigger! Thanks for all the ideas, support and good thoughts.

Laura (Lampe) Campbell

All hail to her most excellent Lauraness, regional king of the PSA. (We had the same TR – sort of.) She’s also way too kind…I burned most of the stuff. Seriously, it was planned just the right amount – went off without a hitch. Way to go Laura. I’d say she never makes a mistake, (except at the lunar eclipse at Lovers’, but that’s another story.)

I very much enjoyed meeting some new pholks and seeing a few old friends. Kara Stevens was especially cool (for a new pholk example) and seeing Andy Moore was a delightful reunion. That’s what the PSA is for and the Denver Reunion was a shining example. Nothing wrong with it that more of it wouldn’t fix, as my Daddy would say. Maybe August at the Ranch.

Thanks to everyone who made it and here’s hoping I get to see more of you next year.

Forky Rudin