Hey, Phil-Phrends!

July 20th in Tulsa was another scorcher, but seven Phormer-Phil-Staffers braved the heat and had a great time at the 1st Annual Oklahoma PSA Picnic. Scott (my better half of 13 years) grilled burgers and dogs in his official COLD BEER (that would be Colfax County Tavern) apron while the rest of us soaked up the Phil-stories. We were honored by having J.B. Westfall (staffer from 1947 who wrote the Philmont Hymn) and his wife join us from Bartlesville, OK. J.B. had lots of stories to tell. He is really a fascinating gentleman and I’m sorry that there weren’t more of us there to have the opportunity to talk with him. (Barbara Westfall makes a mean pot of baked beans, too!)

Because there were just a handful of us there EVERYONE received door prizes. (Hey, you’re jealous now, aren’t you?) And we even got a new PSA member, Doug Banner, 1979 P.J., ’80 Ute Gulch, ’81 Cypher’s Mine. Also in attendance were David Smock – ’79-’80 Security; Alan Hart – ’87 Ranger, ’88 Ranger & conservation assistant TC foreman, ’89 Dan Beard; brothers Tim and David Berg – PTC?, and moi, Kathy (Makela) Beeman (AKA: Minibear or Mak) Ranger 1979 & ’80, MT Coordinator 1981.

We decided that summer in Oklahoma may just be TOO DAMN HOT for an outdoor picnic, so we may be doing this again either in the fall or in the spring. We’ll let you know…if you weren’t there this go around, you really missed out!!

Kathy (Makela Beeman)