Something special always seems to happen at Philmont.  We knew we  were going to be in Cimarron about the same time as the reunion,  but hadn’t paid fees so didn’t plan on attending.  But then we ran  in to Dawn and she said there were a couple of things we could attend  anyway, the meeting and the campfire.

Of course we got to see a few folks we hadn’t seen in years.  We  laughed and had a great time.  But one thing happened that I just  had to share.  Picture PTC campfire with some great musicians on  stage.  One of which was Eric Voss.  Now Eric and I actually go  back a ways.  Not that we have kept in close touch, but we have  some great shared memories of friends and outings, and his and Laura’s  wedding was great fun.  After listening to the first set, our kids  were ready to retire.  We were going to take off when I thought  I would introduce my 5 yr old, Bryce, to Eric.  Bryce likes harmonica  and commented on how he liked Eric’s playing.  As we were talking  to Eric, he asked if we could stick around for a couple more minutes.  He turned to Bryce and said he was going to play a song just for  him.  Now Bryce thought that was pretty cool.  We sat in the front  row and tapped our feet and danced in our seats as we listened to  Eric sing and play “Reason to Believe.”  Wow.  Toward the end Bryce leaned over to me and said, “That was pretty special of him  to sing that song for me.”  So I suggested that he tell Eric thank-you.  Bryce got up, walked over to Eric and said thank-you.  Eric said thank-you back and then handed him his harmonica.  Bryce just  stood there in awe with eyes wide.  He looked at the harmonica,  then at Eric, then at the harmonica, then at me.  What an incredible  moment.  Of course, being Mom, I’m sitting there trying to choke back tears. Thank you, Eric.  So you know, that harmonica now holds  a very esteemed place on his window sill next to his bed.  He has  already played a couple of tunes on it (five-year-old style).  Maybe  he’ll be a future blues player.

I hope others got to make memories as special as this.

Kara (Noonan) Stevens