Upper Midwest Reunion – August 2, 2003
By: Ryan Miske

The first known Upper Midwest Reunion was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Saturday, August 2. Seven former Philmont staffers and 13 friends and family gathered at Boom Island for a Kentucky Fried Chicken picnic and riverboat ride down the Mississippi River.

In attendance were Lydia (Gilbertson) Daugherty – ’88-’90 CHQ Trading Post, ’91 Apache Springs; Chris Manship – ’99-’01 Commissary; Joe Masek – ’87 & ’89 Ranger, ’90 Head of Dean; Ryan Miske – ’95-’97 OA Trail Crew; John Petroskas – ’89 Apache Springs, ’90-’92 Indian Writings; Bill Remes – ’73 Ranger; and Tim Wedin – ’92-’94 Ranger.

If you live in MN, WI, IA, ND, or SD (or are willing to make the drive to Minneapolis), send an email to Ryan Miske to get on the mailing list for future events.

Ryan Miske