Early this morning a fire erupted near Coyote Mesa east of the Training Center. It appears to be threatening the Rayado area. It is currently esitmated to be 1000 acres.

coyote mesa fire

Early morning pictures
Later the first day pictures

Day One; 20060301 11:30 MT Update:
The fire is almost under control. If the winds behave it should be completely under control later this afternoon. The estimate is that it has burned upwards of 15,000 acres.

It appears to have begun near the Casa del Gavilon. Burned as far south a Rayado and out east into the pastures. Coyote Mesa is as far north as it has reached at this time. The village of Miami, 15 miles south of Cimarron, was completely evacuated.

Day Two; 20060302 09:00 MT Update:

  • Estimated 12,000 acres burned; nearly all of it east of highway 21
  • Miami resisdents we able to return last night
  • Around 12 area fire fighting divisions deployed