We have been making changes to the site. Both ones you can see like the new layout of the orientation page and others you can’t see but will benefit from one way or the other.

The new menu still links to the older legacy store, but those links are slowly being replaced with the updated look and navigation. Expect to find incremental changes every few days for the next week or so until we are able to convert all the older content. We hope you notice that the menu groups the information into an easier to navigate organization. Expect to find newly added content with less clicks.

You should start to find other new features as well. We have a number of additions planned to help you better gather with Philmont friends online: a journal to keep you up to date on the latest news, a gallery to share pictures of Staffers at home or on the trail, and updated forums to discuss it all.

The store and shopping cart are going to be our most challenging conversions. So hang in there as that catches up to the rest of the crew.

Eventually, all of the legacy blue and gold site will be replaced with the updated layout and navigation.