I received the following email today from one of the Rayado Trek Coordinators. I think the content says it all.

Please help or pass along if you can.

Howdy all!

I am one of the Rayado Coor. for this summer at Philmont. I’ve been here a week so far and its already so busy but I love it! Anyway, this email is mostly about contacting you for potential participants for the Rayado Program. Our numbers are pretty low this year (as they are for all special programs at the ranch right now) and we are trying to tap all of our resources for anyone who might be interested in coming out this summer. As always, the girl participants are the lowest number so getting more ladies would definitely create a better situation for all the women rangers looking forward to the summer.

So, just to remind you and to pass on:

second session starts July 17th and ends Aug 6th.

ages 14-21, male or female

$595 for total fees

previous backpacking/camping experience required

all participants will be separated into crews of 6-8 people

and finally, Rayado is exactly:

* A physically, mentally and spiritually challenging 21 day experience.
* To provide participants with an extraordinary wilderness experience involving a diverse crew and a dynamic setting.
* To provide each participant with the skills needed to be looked upon as an accomplished backpacker and effective leader.
* To engage participants and rangers in a meaningful, educational and fun outdoor experience.

Please get in touch with me with ANY questions or if any potential participants have questions, I will be more than happy to talk to them. This email is the best way to contact me because I don’t have cell phone service, but if you need to call, you can call 505-376-2281 ext 228 and someone in the Ranger Office should relay the message. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon,

For all of you not visiting or staffing this year, I will say hello to the mountains for you!

~Sarah Burgess