The first PSA podcast!

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57 minutes; 53 megs

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The content of this file is considered work safe, but does contain one PG-13 moment with the mild use of ‘damn’ in the interview portion–sorry.

Brian Ibbott, the host of Coverville, generously agreed to make this custom episode for Philmont and the PSA. It includes portions of an interview with Rod Taylor of The Rifters and campfire music from Rod, The Rifters, The Tabasco Donkeys, and others.

With nearly 500 shows in the archive, Coverville is a very popular cover song podcast produced about three times a week and listened to by thousands. Country versions of rock, rock versions of country, a capella of anything and everything, and bluegrass covers of AC/DC and Pink Floyd are just some examples of what makes Coverville a great podcast. Please check him out.

The rest of the interview with Rod will be released in separate podcasts later on so keep coming back or subscribe.

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