Thank you all so very much for your incredible response and generosity!

With the snow falling at Philmont (over a foot in Cimarron Canyon) and many roads closed (our fearless leader, Ed Pease, and his OA crew had to cancel their New Year’s plans, and our treasurer, John Nichols, got stopped by closed roads after making it on a drive through the night to Amarillo) we have made it past our goal!

At this moment Michele Allen has opened e-mails and envelopes from 388 of our donors with a total of $66,201 for our annual fund! We know that more is in the mail (with the roads like they are; Raton Pass is barely open – travel is discouraged – and I-25 was closed this morning but moving slow now) and it will all go towards our goal for this year.

We have big plans for 2007, and want to offer more in terms of programs… So if you haven’t had the chance to donate yet, you still have time! You can drop a check in the mail or donate online through to help us blow (like the blizzard that has the Kanik folks camped no further than Rocky Mountain Scout Camp) way past our goal. With your support we can do so much more for Philmont!

Thank you again and have a wonderful New Year!

Yours in Snowy Mountains,
Joe Leisz, “The Schmoe”, PSA – VP Development

Update: 391 donors giving $67,201