We “Zipped It Up” – and then some…

Thank you! Thank You, thank you for your support of the PSA’s Annual Fund and ALL of our Annual Giving Opportunities.

We zipped it up–and blew past our total annual giving goals by a few thousand dollars (that’s real money!)–all because of your support.

The numbers are incredible:

  • The President’s Circle – our goal early in 2007 was $30,000. We actually raised $34,020
  • Silent Auctions (at two reunions) – our goal was $6,000. We raised $8,243
  • Annual Fund – our “revised” goal $75,000. Our total is now $71,469.92!

We’re still getting a few stragglers in the mail at the PSA Office, but this means our grand total for Annual Giving to the PSA is $113,732.92. This is the first time in our history that we’ve raised over $100,000 in annual support for the PSA. Thank you! We did it while finishing a million dollar Capital Campaign – a year early! Thank you, again.

Zipper pulls will be in the mail shortly.

Best wishes to you all in the New Year!