We are oh, so close…

As the April issue of HIGH COUNTRY goes to press, Philmont Director of Program Mark Anderson and Property and Facilities Superintendant Jim Kutz are meeting with architects to iron out the details for the new Staff Activity Center. Preliminary drawings should be on their desks this month. And why are they having those meetings now? Because the PSA stands on the verge of success at what many thought we could never do—raise $1 MILLION for Philmont! And in November, if we are successful in our efforts, construction will begin on this much-needed and long overdue facility—an astoundingly great gift from the Philmont Staff Association of today to the Philmont staff members of tomorrow.

We are oh, so close, but we aren’t there yet.

As of mid-March, we stand just about $80,000 short of our fundraising goal. Less than ten percent of our original target of $1 million remains to be pledged. Here are some of the benefactors who have gotten us this far:

An anonymous donor contributed $200,000 to name the building the “Silver Sage Center” in honor of the inaugural class of PSA award recipients: Chope and Virginia Phillips, Joe Davis, and Boss Sanchez. Subsequent award recipients will be recognized with plaques inside the center.

Three supporters, H.L. Hembree, Jim MacGillivray and John F. Murphy, each contributed at the Black Mountain Level, naming the Great Room and some of the other features in the center. Five donated funds at the Bear Mountain Level. The Taylor Family will name the building’s wrap-around porch. Hugh R. Brewer’s support will dedicate the computer room; Dwight Stein’s donation names the TV room. The OATC staff honors long-time staffers Gene Schnell and Steve Willis with the Activities Office, and memorial gifts in honor of late Ranch Committee member and Scouter Bruce Walcutt will name the training and conference room.

David Cope, Lee Huckstep, Frank Koranda, William Lockwood, Ed Pease, Chris Rautman, Alan Rolley, and Wink Sharpe have given their support at the Baldy Mountain level to name tables and benches on the porch. Other significant contributors include Frank Arnold, Scott Beckett, Ned Gold, Jr., Daniel Miller, Roy Murphy, Bill and Sandra Spice, and Scott and Denise Toney.

And there are many, many more to whom we say: thank you! More than 500 donors—about 20% of our membership—have pledged or made contributions to this project to date.

There is also time for YOU to get your name in the building: on a room, on a table or a bench, or on a paver. Gifts of any and every amount are needed—and appreciated. There are still many opportunities for sponsorships within the center. Please visit the PSA “Capital Campaign” to pledge your support in 2007 and learn the latest about this important way to give back to Philmont.

Your final chance to help with this project is coming up soon. Watch for a pledge card in the mail.

And be ready to celebrate at our annual meeting in Dallas in October, when we present Ranch managers with our check —from the Philmont Staff Association—for a cool ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

We are oh, so close…

–Joe Leisz, Vice President for Development