An Open Letter to the Members of the Philmont Staff Association:

It is with decidedly mixed feelings that I announce to you the resignation of our Executive Director, Michele Allen.

Michele has served the PSA and its members, indeed any former Philmont staffer whether a PSA member or not, with distinction during her four years as our chief executive officer. We are a much stronger and better organization because of her service and she will be sorely missed.

However, her husband Dave’s parents are addressing the problems of advancing age, and Dave and Michele believe they need to be closer to his parents to help. Accordingly, Dave has accepted a job in Raleigh, North Carolina, only two hours away from his folks. He will leave for his new job next week. We of course support Michele and Dave in their decision to be more available to assist his parents. Michele and their daughter CJ will remain in Cimarron – to finish the school year, to sell the house, to do all of those things that come with life transitions such as this one. And yet, with all of this on her agenda, Michele has graciously agreed to remain as our Executive Director at least through the PSA Ranger Reunion in August.

The Personnel Committee, and then the Board of Directors, discussed ideas for an appropriate and effective transition, including a selection process for Michele’s successor. Details are still being worked out, and further information on this subject will be posted on the PSA website as soon as it becomes available. If, after review of the website postings you have any questions, you may contact me in my role as Chairman of the Personnel Committee. My email address is: [email protected].

Please join me in thanking Michele for a job very well done, and in wishing her the best in whatever lies ahead.

Ed Pease