In 2005 a core group of Scouters scattered across the country sought permission from Philmont to post recent Itinerary Guides and Guidebooks to Adventure on the Internet. The professional staff granted permission in November of 2005 and we started what we call the “PEAKS PROJECT”.

What began as a modest effort to make a few documents more available has grown beyond our expectations. In addition to a complete set of all dated Itinerary Guides and Guidebook To Adventure documents, the site now offers a variety of other Philmont related documents as well as newspaper and magazine articles. Many items are long out of print and available only in the Philmont Museum & Seton Memorial Library or private collections. Scouters from all over the country have donated items to be scanned and returned or donated to the Seton depending on the owner’s wishes. Other items were purchased off of eBay when something new was for sale. Even the Seton granted us complete access to their archives in June of 2006 helping to fill in numerous gaps.

Today we still have gaps but our documents cover a wide range of topics dating from the earliest years of Philmont. We encourage anyone with unique documents not already archived on the site to contact Tom Wills (2004 Logistics staff) at [email protected] to discuss contributing items of interest. We are seeking anything we do not have from the 1940s, 1950’s, and early 1960s, Staff Guidebooks, Ranger Guidebooks, Camp Director Guides, and just about anything to do with Cavalcades.

Visit the site often and enjoy the material posted. Do a little research, learn Philmont’s colorful history, or simply relive that trek you took in your youth.