i wanna go back to philmont poster

The artist, Jeff Segler, worked primarily in the backcountry and as Camp Director for most of his tenure at Philmont from 1977 to 1983. Then for the next 5 years Jeff published two books for Philmont, the Philmont Fieldguide and Philmont, A Pictorial History. He painted I Wanna Go Back in the spring of 1981 as a personal thank you to Philmont for the unique and life changing opportunity they had given him, and for the fine people He had had the honor of working with over the years at the Ranch. Jeff presented the painting to then Program Manager, Lloyd Knutson, at the Opening Staff Ceremonies that summer. Fortunately, the gift was well received and that same year management decided to reproduce the painting in a signed, limited edition series of lithographs which were sold at the Museum and Trading Post. They sold out in just a few weeks. The original hung in the Seton Museum for many years, which was his only stipulation for the gift.

The idea behind the painting was to capture the anticipation every staff member feels in the Spring as they anxiously await their Philmont contract. The uniform and the gear have changed a bit over the years, but the feelings are timeless, like the Tooth. The subject of the painting is Jack Clark who worked at Philmont as a Ranger and in the backcountry during the early 80s.

Jeff appreciates the interest to reproduce the painting again for the Ranger 50th Anniversary. So many requests have come his way since 1981 for additional copies of the lithograph, and until now, except for a postcard that was available for a few years, there have been none. He again thanks again to all of you who have appreciated the painting all these years, and thanks to the Philmont Staff Association for sponsoring the new printing.

20070829 Update: PSA supply sold out; try the Tooth of Time Traders for availability