The interest for the PSA Rangers 50th Anniversary Reunion has been overwhelming the last few weeks. We had 300 people register by May 20th for the event—a record number. We accepted people on a waiting list through May 31st. At this time we don’t know if we will be able to accommodate the list.

As you can imagine, interest has been high, much higher even than we had anticipated. Our challenge has been how to respond to that interest in a way that meets the needs of our members without interfering unduly with the summer operations at the Ranch, which of course must make providing service to the current generation of young people their first priority.

We feel this reunion will set a precedent for our future department reunions and regular PSA reunions back at the Ranch. We are very sensitive to the impact we are going to have on the ranch with 300 people: doubling the number of people who arrive on a typical day. Therefore we can not accept any more registrations and will have to turn away anyone who decides to just show up that weekend for any of the scheduled events.

We are encouraging those who want to make it back to the ranch this year to sign up for the PSA Autumn Adventure treks September 9-14th.