This year’s Adopt-a-Staff program is off to an amazing start.

I’m trying to make this prettier, but in the mean time I figured I would send you the updates I’m getting as soon as they happen. That way you will know what Staffs are still needing to be sponsored.


Abreu, Apache Springs, Baldy Town, Bear Research, Beaubien, Cabin Restoration, Carson Meadows, CHQ Food Service, CHQ Maintenance, CHQ Services, Clark’s Fork, Crater Lake, Crooked Creek, Dan Beard, Fish Camp, French Henry, Harlan, Hunting Lodge, Miners’ Park, Miranda, OA Trail Crew, OA-USFS Crew, Phillip’s Junction, Ponil, Rich Cabins, Sawmill, Seally Canyon, Trading Post Warehouse, Training Crew 1, Training Crew 10, Training Crew 15, Training Crew 2, Ute Gulch, Villa Staff, Whiteman Vega, Work Crew, and Zastrow.


Academy Cadets USAFA, Academy Cadets USMA, Academy Cadets USNA, Backcountry Mgrs, Black Mt., C.O.P.E., Chaplains, CHQ Activities, CHQ Commissary, CHQ Logistics, CHQ News/Photo, CHQ Seasonal Administration, CHQ Security, Cimarroncito, Clear Creek, Conservation Dept Admin/Special, Conservationists, Cypher’s Mine, Dean Cow, Environ. Educ., Head of Dean, Health Lodge Admin/Support, Health Lodge Medics (3 periods), HH Base Staff, HH Martin Camp, HH Wilderness Guides, Horsemen, Indian Writings, Kit Carson Museum, Motor Pool, Mt Trek Rangers, PTC Craft Lodge, PTC Food Service, PTC Maintenance, PTC Program, PTC Seasonal Admin, PTC Services, PTC Trek Rngrs, Pueblano, Ranger Administration, Ring Place, Seton Museum, Trading Post Clerks, Trading Post Mgmt, Training Crew 11, Training Crew 12, Training Crew 13, Training Crew 14, Training Crew 16, Training Crew 17, Training Crew 18, Training Crew 19, Training Crew 20, Training Crew 21, Training Crew 22, Training Crew 23, Training Crew 24, Training Crew 25, Training Crew 3, Training Crew 4, Training Crew 5, Training Crew 6, Training Crew 7, Training Crew 8, Training Crew 9, Urraca, and Wranglers.


Jan Gimar