Your generosity and continued love for Philmont has created a new staff experience…

Over one million dollars were raised by you and your Phil-friends to make the Silver Sage Staff Activity Center (SSSAC) project a reality.

The SSSAC is magnificent! Equipped with huge flat-screen TVs, a comfy lounge area, internet connectivity, modern meeting rooms, and a grand covered common area for cookouts, church services and campfires during inclement weather, the SSSAC will serve the needs for Philmont summer staff and campers for the next generations. The SSSAC has the look and feel of a college campus student reunion. And the best part? You made it possible!

The SSSAC is framed by long sweeping porches to provide shade at mid-day, shelter from the rain, or just taking in the sweet smell of sage in the desert air. What a wonderful place to sit back, relax and paint lifelong memories in the eye of your mind. Did I say “sit back”? There is no furniture, chairs or tables on those sweeping expanses of porches yet.

PSA invites you to contribute a rocking chair to the SSSAC. These beautiful natural wood rockers will be placed on the porch with a brass plate acknowledging your donation. Only 12 rocking chairs will be purchased. You can purchase a rocker, with engraved recognition plate, for a contribution of $1,000 to the PSA Seasonal Scholarship fund. Then, next time you’re at the Ranch you can sit back in “your rocker” and take in the beauty of Philmont while building new memories of the country that we love.

Donate a rocking chair today.