Published by University of New Mexico Press, The Forester’s Log is a collection of one woman’s experiences, in the woods, as a homeschooling parent, a traveler and adventurer, and student of the connection between land and people. Stuever’s career has included work with state and federal agencies, private consulting, and working for nearly five years with an Apache tribe in east-central Arizona. Her field-based stories are rich with passionate people and phenomenal places.

Set primarily in New Mexico and Arizona, Stuever’s writing travels with her, and the book includes essays on the mouth of the Rio Grande, a wildfire in Alaska, a train trip through Thailand, and mountain climbing in Mexico. Arranged in five chapters—fire, forestry, burn area rehabilitation, environmental education, and outdoor recreation—Stuever’s stories weave life events such as raising twins, hiking the Continental Divide, caring for his stroke-stricken father, and relationship with dog and horse with rambles in the woods, trials with wildfires, encounters in classrooms, and interactions with forest management issues.

The Forester’s Log is a revealing read for anyone concerned about the future of forests, especially in the West.

The author’s website,, has information on other upcoming events, as well as many links to forestry, wildfire, and environmental education programs and resources.