The Philmont Staff Association revised our Backcountry Cookbook.

PSAers first compiled the Backcountry Cookbook a decade ago to provide summer backcountry staff a way to feed themselves heartily using ingredients provided by the Philmont commissary. Lots of Spam recipes in the original edition…

Well, through the efforts of current seasonal staff and more contributions from you, our members, the newest edition of the PSA Backcountry Cookbook is being placed in backcountry kitchens throughout Philmont. There are over 120 pages (from over 50 contributors… many of which are in the original version, too) full of recipes for every eating occasion. There are even Dutch oven, vegetarian and kosher offerings. An added bonus: illustrations throughout the cookbook done by PSAer Chip Travers.

You can get your own copy for only $20.00. Contributors to the cookbook can purchase one for $10.00 (half-off regular price). Get one for a friend, too. Add one more to your collection of camping cookbooks.

Only a limited number of these cookbooks were produced, so order yours now.

Cookbook contributors:
Michele Allen, Sherry Jane & Max “Bear” Aycock, Ed Bailey, Tim Collver, Jannette Cotrino, Patty Davis, Andrew Dennis, Daisy Dix, Fr. Ed Erb, Eric the Bear Guy, Douglas Fasching, Jim Foster, Sgt. Brantley & Suzanne Foster, Jason “Diego” Gaskin, Amy Gerhart, Andy Gerhart, Martin Gibson, Milo Gomez, Meg Graham, Michelle Gross, Heather Harvie, Kate Helbig, Mariah Hughes, Don Hull, Jen Jenkins, Michael Jones, Kat Kallal, Patrick Kelly, Kosher Outdoor Cookbook and Beyond: Troop 13 and Rabbi Rachmiel Tobesman, Scoutmaster, Jerry Lobdill, Stacey Locke, Colleen McLaughlin Nutter, “Dirty Larry” McLaughlin, Wally Meyer, Ashley Pagnotta, Lori Repovich, Charles “Rock” Rohrbacher, Emily Rose, Tim “Tech Man” Rosseisen, Spencer Seim, Lee Shaver, Heath Shelton, Andrea Sprung, Sara Toney, Scott Toney, Allison Vinson, Eric White, Gerald “Chip” Travers (illustrator).