We all know a few things about the PSA. We know the PSA does great things for Philmont. We know the PSA puts out a great magazine. We know the PSA gives us the chance to come back to Philmont many times in many ways. We know the PSA gives scholarships and builds buildings.

What may not be so clear is that a strong and vibrant membership is the key to getting any of that done. Without our members, nothing would happen. You are a member (if you are reading this, you probably are anyway), so you already know this on some level.

What about your Philmont friends? The folks you shared meals with in NM all those summers ago. The folks you hiked with. The folks you went to Taos with. The folks you stayed up with watching for meteors. Are they all members of the PSA?

I challenge each of you to find those folks and invite them to become members of the PSA. Take a chance to reconnect with your old tent mate. Find out that your old manager now has 4 kids. Remind your buddy about nearly getting struck by lightning.

Most importantly, invite your Philmont friends to be a part of the PSA. We can do more great things together with more members! Your old friends just need to be reminded of this.

If you need more motivation that that, let me ad the following.  If you can round up more new members than anyone else, a fabulous prize will be yours! I assure you it will be a good prize, because I would like to win it as well (hello old training crew buddies, join the PSA please…).

Download a copy of our new brochure (or contact the office and have some delivered via snail-mail). Share the vision of the PSA with your compatriots. Win a prize. It is that easy.

Just send a list of folks that you contact to the PSA office. We will see how many join up. If many of you contact the same people, fine. Everyone gets credit for that. A winner will be declared in the Fall (the deadline will be the Fall board meeting). If you have lost track of anyone, we might even be able to point you in the right direction. Just let us know how we can help.

Who will be the best recruiter this year? I challenge each of you to try to claim that title.