I am pleased to be able to repeat an announcement that I made during the PSA annual meeting at Rayado last weekend.  I hope you read about the summer membership challenge taking place right now for the PSA.  If you are foggy on the details, please visit this link:  http://www.interca.mp/to/challenge/ .  In the initial announcement I claimed that there would be some wonderful prizes.  (but I was short on details).  Thanks to the generous support of Steve Rick (National Director of the PSA), the top prizes are going to be a Steve Rick knife and a Steve Rick silver bracelet.  For those of you that don’t know about his work, Steve Rick is an Artisan located in Cimarron, NM.  His bracelets and knives are prized for their beauty and craftsmanship.  The PSA is proud to offer them as prizes for this contest.

Recruit your friends to join as members of the PSA.  Let the PSA office know who you tried to recruit.  We will count who had the most new members join during our fall board meeting.  It is just that simple!  Fred  Cribbett is working hard to bring home the prize, but there is still a lot of time left till our September meeting!  I challenge you to go for the glory!

Please direct questions about this contest to Scott Toney, VP of membership, [email protected]