“Real philanthropy consists of helping others, outside our own family circle, from whom no thanks is expected or required.”
Epigrams, Waite Philips

Waite Philips collected epigrams and essays for over fifty years. They were so important to him that he carried a list of them in his pocket. This particular epigram aptly describes the 2009 Philmont Staff Association Annual Fund campaign.

First, thank you for your support in 2008. Despite difficult economic circumstances for our country and you our members, 2008 was a good year for the Philmont Staff Association. The PSA provided quality support to Philmont and our members. Here are a few examples:

  • Dedication of the one million dollar Silver Sage Staff Activity Center (SSSAC) – a year ahead of schedule!
  • SSSAC included construction of the Ranger fireplace as one of its focal points
  • Contributed $7,500 in education scholarships to eight deserving staff members
  • Assisted the Ranch with Philbreak
  • PSA events such as the annual Philmont reunion; Autumn Adventure trek, fly fishing, the annual New Years Eve celebration at the Ranch, as well as regional reunions
  • Published the award-winning High Country magazine
  • Published David Caffey’s Head for the High Country, previously out of print.

As this summer draws to a close, your continued generous financial support to the PSA is needed. Contributions to non-profit organizations were down about two percent in 2008. Total contributions to the PSA last year reached $119,403, surpassing the 2007 record of $113,733. In 2009, non-profit contributions are expected to drop by as much as another five percent. A cumulative seven percent decrease in contributions to the PSA Annual Fund over two years would be sorely felt. The PSA would like to continue growing scholarship programs and begin awarding larger staff scholarships to many more recipients; expand and grow local and regional reunions across the country; planning for a bigger and better 2010 week-long reunion at the Ranch has started; and increase our level of support to Philmont programs. The PSA needs your philanthropy, however large or small.

Please delve deep into your hearts and consciences to find it within your means to give whatever you can, so that the PSA may continue to provide future Philstaffers and the Ranch with quality programs and experiences.

Once again, the PSA appreciates the value of your membership and support.


Jim Lynch
President, Philmont Staff Association

Please print and mail in a pledge card or donate online.