I know the events of 9/11/2001 were tragic—but the spirit that pervaded America on 9/12 was one of teamwork. I felt that same spirit when I worked as part of the staff at Philmont—we were always ready to help out another staff member or lend an encouraging word when they were struggling through something. This summer I was on a trek with my son’s Troop—I saw that same spirit grab the crew as the “magic” of Philmont did its work. The crew pulled together to redistribute weight from some of the struggling hikers, pitch in and help do KP and make sure the bear bag was hung properly.

Well, right now the PSA is holding its Annual Fund drive—this is the fund that supports all our operations and pays our professional staff. We don’t live off an endowment, instead every year our members vote with their checkbooks (or credit/debit cards) on the survival of the organization. Early in the year about 40 members vote at least $1,000 each as members of the President’s Circle. Last year another 380 voted with a gift to the Annual Fund drive to support the PSA. So if we think in rough numbers–about one in six of our members gave to the Annual Fund in 2008. If we translate that into a trail crew or a staff camp—it wouldn’t be a great place to be. It would be great if we could all recapture that spirit we had while we served on staff and pitch in to make the Annual Fund goal of $88,000 by Halloween!

Remember that everyone’s contribution is important to making your PSA’s goal a reality this year. We have tried to make it easy to give—donate online—or the old standby—U.S. Mail works—PSA, 17 Deer Run Rd, Cimarron, NM 87714. Thanks for making a difference and giving it the old Philmont try!

For those of you who have already made a donation to the 2009 Annual Fund – THANKS! We appreciate your support!

Jim Lynch
PSA President