Well, it is that time of year again where we contact you about giving to the Philmont Staff Association’s Annual Fund. To date, we are a little over three-quarters of the way through the year, but only a little over half way to our Annual Fund goal. Now is the time to make a donation to the annual fund drive, fulfill your pledge to the annual fund, or perhaps even supplement the donation you have already made.

Every year your PSA Board of Directors looks at the programs and services provided by the association, sets goals for the upcoming year, and creates a budget accordingly. This year’s annual fund goal was a product of this year’s budget. Right now we are working on the budget for next year, and trying to determine which programs and services are continued, expanded, or discontinued. These decisions are based somewhat on our annual fund drive progress and what we can expect to happen in the following year. If this year’s annual fund falls short, we will need to make adjustments to what we intend to accomplish next year.

Many of the service committee events are self supporting, meaning the participation fees cover the costs of the event, therefore there is no cost to the Association. These include the annual reunion and meeting, the regional reunions, and a portion of the seasonal staff scholarships. Other service committee programs and services rely on funds from the annual fund.

The alternative Spring Break program Phil-Break is an program to bring college students to the Ranch for a week of activities, including a day of skiing, in order to help encourage them to apply for seasonal staff positions. Another way we help encourage quality staff to reapply for seasonal positions is by providing educational scholarships to PSA member staffers if they reapply for the following summer. This is a program that we hope to continually expand. While a bulk of the funding for these scholarships comes from direct donations, the portion of our goal not donated directly to the scholarship fund comes from the annual fund donations.

Other service committee programs that rely on the annual fund donations are the sponsorship of a buckle at the annual Maverick Rodeo in Cimarron, the Silver Sage Award presentations, and the New Year’s Eve celebration event at the Ranch. While these programs do not individually make up a significant portion of the annual budget, their continuation does depend on the regular donations to the annual fund.

Please help us keep these great programs growing by taking the time to consider your annual fund donation.

Fred Cribbett
PSA Vice-President of Service