There are lots of folks asking Denice and me for money this year. We get at least one appeal each day during this season. Lucky for us, our financial position has not changed much in the last 12 months. Like most folks, we feel more insecure, but the reality is, not much has changed for my family.

Denice and I have also not changed the careful deliberation we use when deciding on how to break our charitable giving. So many worthy causes try to gain our attention. Where do we focus?

This year the Philmont Staff Association will get the second biggest contribution we will give. Our local church comes first, but the PSA is right there as well. With a focus on service to the ranch, a redoubled effort on seasonal staff scholarships and mission that helps Philmont and the folks that have served there, it is a natural choice.

I know that without a strong annual fund, the programs I am most proud of from the PSA could take a hit. It costs real money to run an organization that builds buildings, sends kids to camp and helps college kids go to school.

Denice and I are proud to support the PSA Annual Fund. I hope you will as well.

Scott Toney
Vice President of Membership
Philmont Staff Association