Are you looking for gift ideas for your Phil-friends? Santa Claus has a closet of gift ideas for you to give your Phil-friends, or even yourself, this holiday season.

The PSA has a selection of goodies: Backcountry cookbooks, PSA Nalgene water bottles, Reunion water bottles, PSA T-shirts, Reunion T-shirts, reunion patches, Silver Sage ball caps, and the Philmont Ansel Adams print! Also four books:  Tales from the High Country, More Tales from the High Country, Head for the High Country, and the new PTC History book – The Other Side of the Road.

Order yours today! Proceeds from sales of PSA merchandise support our mission to serve the adventure, heritage, and experience of Philmont Scout Ranch. Orders are shipped within 36 hours of receiving them at our headquarters at Philmont.

PSA Merchandise:

  • The Other Side of the Road, by Mark Griffin – $12.00
  • Head for the High Country, by David Caffey – $12.00
  • Three book set Tales, More Tales, Head for the High Country – $30.00 (a perfect set)
  • PSA Backcountry Cookbook – $20.00 (used at Philmont staffed camps!)
  • PSA 2009 Reunion T-shirt (natural off-white) – $15.00 (Adult S, M, L, XL, & XXL)
  • PSA 2008 Reunion T-shirt (ash gray) – $10.00 (Adult S or M)
  • PSA Hiking Compass T-shirt (blue) – $10.00 (S, M, L, XL, & XXL)
  • PSA 2009 Reunion Camelback water bottle – $10.00
  • PSA logo Nalgene water bottle – $10.00
  • Ansel Adams print Thunderstorm on the Plains – $25.00 (holiday price!)
  • Silver Sage Ballcap – $10.00
  • PSA logo patch – $5.00