The Seasonal Staff Applications for 2010 are being submitted daily, and have been since the end of the 2009 summer season. The question I am receiving by email and phone calls is, “when will we hear whether we have been hired?” The question is legitimate, especially when past Philmont staff members know that the first employment offers have usually gone out by now. It does vary year to year, with this year being no exception due to multiple reasons (none of which cause concern to applicants).

A brief explanation of how the hiring process works might help alleviate many of the anxieties.

First off, we do not have a deadline on when applications need to be submitted. Received application information is entered into the database and placed under the department of the first choice, for review. We have several managers that hire for the different departments and do so in between their normal Philmont jobs, so it is a tedious and time-consuming process to fill the 1,000+ positions needed for the summer season. When someone is offered employment, an email is sent out right away with details, as well as receiving an invitation to a “2010 FaceBook Blog” that helps future staff stay connected. If an applicant has not heard from Philmont by March or so, they can email as to the “status” of their application but it does not mean they aren’t still being considered for a possible position. We thank them, in advance, for their patience.


Barbara Garcia

Philmont Scout Ranch
Camping Headquarters
Seasonal Personnel Administrative Assistant
575-376-1142 Office

Applications for seasonal Staff and other activities: