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The second in a series of e-mails to get you revved-up, signed-up and informed about the…

By Ali Wick

“What do you mean, I can’t bring my razor?”…”No, seriously, I cannot live without my Walkman”…”Oooooh! I thought north was just whatever direction you were facing!”…”Ewwww, I don’t do beef jerky.”

ali wick profileThese were ACTUAL words uttered by some of our incoming womens’ trail crew participants in the 90s when I worked as trail crew foreman at Maxwell. And as the story goes, 28 short days later, these same girls were trucking it up Baldy Mountain with fully loaded packs from French Henry, smirking at the boys that were day-hiking the trip. These are the girls that wouldn’t share a spoon and were now eating spaghetti with pine needles in it that had been dropped on the forest floor. A year or so later, these are the girls that came back on staff and led their own trail crew. And fifteen years later, these are the girls with which l still keep in touch, the ones who still keep pushing the envelope. Moral of the story? Girls NEED Philmont. And you need it now just as much as you needed it then. You know who you are, Compass Girl!

challenge wallAs for me, I need Philmont for rest…for re-centering…for connecting with my still-crazy friends. I need it to remind myself how much I love that land, and how I can still eat a whole sleeve of crackers if I want to.

Come back to Philmont this year for the PSA Trek. If you’ve been waffling, I’d encourage you to be like my Compass Girl and steer in a new direction! Won’t you agree that it’s been too long since you went a week without a shower!?

So why not now? Why not this year? Maybe it’s time. Warren Miller, the famous ski movie entrepreneur, says it this way–and I think he says it best — “…cause if you don’t do it this year, you’ll just be one year older when you do.

(Ali served on the Philmont Staff at PTC in 1993, Conservation from 1993—1996 and was Camp Director at Indian Writings in 1998. Ali is a veteran of the 2005 PSA Trek.)


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