The Philmont Staff Association has launched an initiative to encourage its members to move their High Country subscriptions from paper to the electronic version of the bi-monthly magazine.

  • It will save paper and thus help the environment.
  • It will save printing and postage expenses of the PSA, allowing funds to be used for other programs instead.
  • And it’s voluntary—though we hope you will make the change.

It works like this:

  • Contact PSA Executive Director Randy Saunders at [email protected] or 575-376-1138 or at 17 Deer Run Road, Cimarron NM 87714 and provide him your email address.
  • Ten days prior to the publication of High Country in paper format you will receive an E-mail.
  • Attached in pdf format will be the upcoming issue of High Country, exactly as we send it to the printer. If there’s an occasional urge to reach out and touch the magazine or parts of it, you can still print it yourself—but we hope that you will simply archive it in electronic format instead.

You can make the switch at any time—but we hope you’ll do it now. Today. The sooner we move members to the electronic High Country, the sooner we can begin to make a difference, financially and environmentally.

And when you contact Randy to make the switch, let him know if you’d like to have a PSA tote—another way you can help the environment by using it instead of paper or plastic on your trips to the market. It’s yours free with the thanks of the Philmont Staff Association.