July 25 – 31

Why Attend a PSA Reunion?

See the Ranch: One of the best perks of membership in the Philmont Staff Association is the opportunity to visit the Ranch. One of the ways to take advantage of this opportunity is to attend a PSA reunion.

Reconnect with old Phil-friends: Are there people you worked with during your days at the Ranch that you haven’t seen in a while or lost touch with? There is a good chance you could run into them again at a PSA reunion.

Make new Phil-friends: Remember what made those Phil-friendships special? Well it hasn’t changed. Even if you didn’t work in the same era as someone you meet at a PSA reunion, you have something special in common with everyone who attends. Come and make new friends.

Introduce your family to a place that is special to you: Sure they listen to your stories as you go on and on about your time at the Ranch, but bringing them to Philmont gives them the chance to experience it for themselves and create their own stories. Is there anything better you could share with your loved ones?

Why Attend This Year’s PSA Reunion?

For the Former Staffer: The week is full of program highlights for those who already know and love the Ranch. To start things off, Wally Berg, one of us, will give the keynote address about what he learned at Philmont and what he has done after he left the Ranch. The Colloquium is a collection of fascinating speakers on a variety of topics related to Philmont and the area. Thursday’s service project gives you a chance to give back to the Ranch to repay in a small way what it has provided you. The silent auction will allow you to get that one thing that is missing from your collection. The Annual Meeting provides an overall look at what the PSA is doing for you, Philmont, and the BSA. And the Silver Sage Award ceremony is an opportunity to recognize those who have made Philmont what it is today.

For the Spouse of the Former Staffer: If your spouse isn’t interested in the colloquium or the other staffer-centric day programs, the PTC Silverados program will keep them entertained. They will find that a wide-range of exciting activities is available throughout the week. Activities include museum visits, day hikes, a pottery making demonstration, Villa tours, COPE, horse rides, and trips to nearby resort towns.

For the Children of the Former Staffer: Children are joined by others in their age group to participate in carefully designed, age-appropriate programs under the leadership of trained and experienced Philmont staff. Children 2 months to 2 years old can be left for either an hour or two, or for the entire program session, with care being provided according to your instruction. Children older than 2 years old will be under the supervision of Philmont staff to take part in activities such as games, pony rides, supervised play, nature hikes, songs and skits, crafts, museum tours, all-day hikes, archery and air rifles, sports, handicraft projects, outdoor cooking, and overnight camping trips, depending on their age. Children 14-20 years old can participate in the Mountain Men and Mountain Women treks.

For the Entire Family of the Former Staffer: Evening events such as campfires, special dinners, and cracker barrels allow the whole family to enjoy Philmont together. And Wednesday has been set aside as a day for family hikes or excursions to your favorite haunts in Cimarron, Raton, Taos, or Santa Fe.

How is This Reunion Different from Other PSA Reunions?

In addition to all the above mentioned program highlights, there are several other reasons to attend this year’s reunion.

Whole Week Long: Unlike our weekend reunions where it seems like we are all packing to leave shortly after we arrive, this reunion is Sunday through Saturday. There is enough time to see all the parts of basecamp (and even some of the backcountry!) that you have been missing.

Full Staff Support: The PTC staff will be available to the PSA for the entire week. Usually we have a limited amount of staff assistance, but since we are using the PTC facility, there will be seasonal staff members to help facilitate this reunion. This includes all meals being provided in the PTC dining halls, evening programs (such as Western Night, campfires, and cobbler nights). It also includes the above mentioned child care/youth programs.

Showers: Sure we will still be sleeping tents, but this year we will have showers and restrooms available to us (with hot water!).

Come join us for this very special reunion at the PTC facility that is only occasionally available to us!

(**Please note: The May 1st registration limit is not valid. You may register up to July 15th.**)

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