This is the 2nd in a series of posts to get you revved-up, signed-up and informed about The Coral Reef Sailing Adventure.

What are we gonna eat?

Each of the BSA’s High Adventure Bases offers a different cuisine:

At the Northern Tier you enjoy meats pulled from “Meals Ready to Eat”, essentially the same grub served to American combat soldiers. These meats are teamed with noodles or rice and a variety of just-add-water sauces for most dinners. If you are lucky, you will have fresh fish instead.

Philmont, which boasts to be the largest single consumer of freeze dried food in the world, is famous for dinners which don’t ever get quite cooked and which have a crunchy texture. Philmont is also the place where “exotic” foods are offered which you can never find on your grocery shelves.

On your Coral Reef Sailing Adventure, February 6 – 11, 2010, you will eat island food. The menu will consist of fresh foods, canned products, and frozen meats. The Sea Base participant’s guide notes that “the meals are…considerably more appealing than what you will find on most Scout functions.” (See paragraphs about Northern Tier and Philmont above.)

You will cook your island food on a gas range (no pumping or priming required) in your vessel’s galley. In addition, most vessels are equipped with an outdoor grill where you can grill your steaks or your catch of the day – few things are better than fresh-caught, fresh-grilled seafood.

Island food does not take into account special concerns such as diabetes, vegetarians, religious, allergies, etc. If you have special dietary requirements, you will need to bring the food to supplement your special needs.

Since the Coral Reef Sailing Adventure is a BSA function, you will not be enjoying adult beverages with your island food. There will be opportunities for adult beverages before and after the Adventure.

Does all this talk make you crave island food? The first step towards satisfying those cravings is to register yourself and your eligible family members for the Coral Reef Sailing Adventure!

Registration, cost, and contact information here.