How’s the fishing?

Your food on the Coral Reef Sailing Adventure will be good, but when supplemented with your fresh daily catch it will be great!

While on your Adventure, February 6 to 11, 2010, you will have many opportunities to fish and you won’t even need to buy a license – your vessel will have a commercial license for your entire crew. You will be both trolling and bottom fishing during your Adventure and the Sea Base provides all the fishing equipment you will need.

Trolling occurs when you are sailing to your next destination. You will be trolling (dragging behind the vessel) a variety of lures ranging from artificial to dead baits. Fish you might catch include Dolphin (the fish, not Flipper), Mahi Mahi, Mackerel or Tarpon.

When anchored for the night, or over a good fishing spot, you will have the opportunity to throw some lines out and do bottom fishing. Examples of fish you may catch are Snapper, Grouper, Shark, Grunts or Jacks.

When your crew lands a fish be sure to weigh and measure it. It may be a Sea Base record and if so, your name will be on the “Fishing Hall of Fame” at the Sea Base. And when you are done weighing and measuring your trophy, clean it and eat it!


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