What are we gonna wear?

Just as the BSA’s High Adventure Bases offer different cuisines, each base has a different fashion focus.

At Philmont the fashion emphasis is on boots. Philmont staffers seem mildly obsessed with boots. Discussions are endless about the pros and cons of different types of boots and wearing them all the time is considered de rigeur, even by staff members whose feet never walk a Philmont trail.

At Northern Tier the fashion emphasis is likewise on boots, but not just any boots, but wet boots. Wet boots are boots that allow the water that flows into the boots to flow out of the boots. Endless hours are passed on a Canoe Voyage discussing wet boots and the pros and cons of wearing them versus water sandals.

On your Coral Reef Sailing Adventure, February 6 – 11, 2010, you won’t be wearing boots! Instead, you will need to consider what swimming attire fits your form and physique. The Sea Base helps you focus on your swimwear selection with the following advice:

“All swimming attire must be modest. For men, Speedo-type swimsuits are not appropriate; swim suits should have liners in them. For women, bikinis are not appropriate; one-piece swimsuits and modest tankini suits are considered appropriate.”

For those with buff bods and enough bravado to sport Speedos, thongs, un-lined board shorts, bikinis, etc., there are beaches in Key West where you will be welcomed following the Coral Reef Sailing Adventure.


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