I was just at a troop committee meeting—listening to many people complain about the lack of “follow through” of the volunteers that committed to do things. It brought to mind our days at Philmont—no matter where you worked at the ranch—you never doubted that things would be carried out. If a program was scheduled at a backcountry camp or at a PTC location—it happened. If someone needed something—we did whatever it took to make it happen.

That tradition carries on today. As you know—we count on the Annual Fund every year to keep our doors open every year. And every year, we raise the funds required to keep on supporting the People, Programs and Place that is Philmont. I am always awed by the generosity and dedication of our members to make sure they follow through and donate to the Annual Fund. For that I am very grateful—please take the time to make your donation now—we appreciate every gift—and it goes to continue the work the PSA does for Philmont—thanks!