October 12, 2010

Dear PSA Members,

I just wanted to say a big, big “Thank you” to everyone who helped with the Villa reception that kicked off this autumn’s Ranch Committee gathering.

You were charming as you helped the guests in and out of the vintage cars, you were excellent hosts as folks strolled through the Villa, and you did a great job of facilitating the honoring of Harry Bovay.  I’m really not quite sure how we could have carried this off without you.

I enjoyed catching up with those of you from the past and it was a pleasure meeting others of you for the first time.

Philmont is looking great right now – the cottonwoods along the main road are half-way to orange as autumn motors through the area and there’s a hint of stormy weather for the high country.  The Autumn Adventure program at CHQ has been busily successful and PTC has been non-stop-busy with lots of different council groups coming and going.  We’re hosting an archaeological conference at PTC this coming weekend.  It will be the first one in 26 years.  Warren Lail (currently at Highlands University) is heading it up and archaeologists from all over the country will be attending.  We’re hoping that this might be the first of many more to come.

I hope that autumn is bringing lots of beautiful color to your neck of the woods and I hope the rest of the year goes smoothly and happily.  Many thanks again for your help with the “Big Reception”.  All of our guests were more than impressed with all that you did for them.

Until next time, be safe and take care,

Nancy Klein