When I got active in the PSA back about 2005, I was already a Life Member and figured board meetings would be my only expenses each year. But the more I got involved in the good work being done by the Association and the more I realized how much everyone was pitching in to make the PSA truly supportive of the Ranch and staff members, the clearer it became that I should be involved in the Annual Fund. What I have now chosen to do, which is the least painful for me, is to pick an amount I want to contribute and then divide that into three parts, which I can authorize the Executive Director to charge against a credit card for the last three months of the year.

Why not try something like that? The amount you can donate is up to you, but by spreading it over three months, it becomes manageable and not burdensome. If you do it early in the fall, then it will not bug you when you begin to look at the spending you want to do for the holiday season either. It works for me.

“Three Pears” image courtesy of Richard H. Hüttemann