This morning is the morning. The kids don’t have school so the morning routine is more relaxed (thanks in-service day). There is snow on the mountains but it’s expected to be 70 in Denver today. The family is pretty healthy, happy and secure right now. Seems like a great time to make a donation to the PSA.

Like many of you, I am a life member of the PSA (if you are not, you sure could be). I don’t get regular bills for membership dues. I get all the benefits of membership (access to the Ranch, High Country, without another out-of-pocket expense. That feels like a great position to be in.

I feel that I owe more. The PSA works hard to do great things for Philmont. The scholarships for seasonal staff members, the service projects, and the direct support of the ranch are great causes that Philmont management appreciates and believes in. None of them are free.

Please join me in making a donation this year. It feels good. It is for a good cause. When my mind drifts back to my summers at the Ranch, I always feel a bit better knowing I am doing my part for the place I love now.

Photo courtesy of Carrie Cizauskas.