Somewhere, somehow, the tradition called The Message, carries on. Scout leaders and Scouts are passing on what Philmont is and what goes on here. From wearing the Arrowhead or a red and yellow neckerchief, to the black bull on a red jacket or the Philmont leather belt, we pass on the message that Philmont exists and it’s a special place. I would bet that you shared The Message with young scouts about your Philmont adventure at some time or even often. This is a fabulous grassroots marketing campaign; The Message keeps getting passed on and on. I believe personal recommendations work far better than any other advertisement.

We, who have worked at Philmont, not only heard this message , we have lived it. Now, we pass it on ourselves. Maybe in what we say, maybe in what we wear, for certain in how we act.

The Philmont Staff Association helps all of us carry The Message and more. The PSA can cause you to relive forgotten memories with just a glance at our High Country magazine. The PSA supports Philmont in ways we can’t count, from spreading The Message about Philmont to Scouts and future Staff members, to recreating a trail during a PSA Annual Service project.

Please join me in supporting the PSA’s Annual Fund once again this year. The Annual Fund helps us continue to carry out our mission of doing wonderful things for special people-Scouts, Staff- new, old & future, as well as for that special place that draws us near.

We are the PSA, let’s carry The Message today. Call, email, or click to send your contribution in today. No amount is too small, unity of purpose is what counts. Let us show our spirit and our pride!

Ray Czech, PSA Secretary
Cleveland, Ohio

Photo courtesy of Mrjoro