Discovering a Wood Lily or a Yellow Lady Slipper along the trail is a thrill. Seeing an elk or a Black Bear or hearing a Bullock’s Oriole is a special treat. Finding rocks and minerals millions of years old is a joy beyond description. Gazing at constellations and planets on a clear night is amazing when you realize that humans have watched those objects glowing in the night sky since the beginning of recorded history and even before. You can learn more about these features and much more in the new Philmont Field Guide available at the Tooth of Time Traders for $14.95.

The mission of the Philmont Field Guide is to acquaint and inspire staff, campers, and visitors to enjoy and learn the natural and cultural history of Philmont and its surrounding area. The field guide is composed of eleven chapters: understanding nature, flora, fauna, weather, geology, astronomy, cultural history, human impacts, fire management, leave no trace, and serving future generations. The book focuses on the flora and fauna of Philmont and presents the cultural history crucial to a thorough understanding of the ranch.

Everyone who comes to Philmont becomes enchanted with its natural and cultural features. The field guide enables campers and staff to gain much more knowledge during their Philmont experience. Each crew should carry at least one of these compact and lightweight, but thorough, field guides on their trek.

Philmont is unique in many respects. It has far more natural and cultural history than most other areas of equivalent size. The unique geography contributes to unique soils and unique weather patterns. These features provide a wide diversity of flora and fauna. Ancestral Puebloans, Ute and Comanche Indians, explorers, fur trappers, gold miner’s, lumberjacks, cowboys and ranchers were all fascinated by the wild wealth of the land we now know as Philmont.