tom munchTom Munch was on Philstaff from ’78 to ’80 as a ranger and as a PC at Beaubien. During that time he penned many songs that he recorded on his first solo album “Playin’ for Keeps” in 1983. Some of you may remember Tom performing these at Philmont – songs like “Moreno Valley” and “Leavin’ Beaubien.” That album has long been out of print, but Tom has just re-released it as a digital download on iTunes and similar download sites. (Just do a search for Tom and you’ll find it. Yes, he is still playing – he’s been a professional musician in southern Colorado for 25 years and has 7 newer albums as well.) He has even made the original liner notes for “Playin’ for Keeps” available on his website – – so you can have the whole package.

playing for keeps cover artTom says he vividly remembers writing songs at Philmont, and still wears these songs close to his heart even though it was long ago and the recording technology he used was not nearly good as it is today. Tom is still writing today even though he’s been mostly recording covers over the years – quite a few of those are Philsongs of different eras. He has performed at all kind of places on the Front Range of Colorado and even down into New Mexico when he gets the chance. He even does history shows and school programs as well as Alzheimer’s therapy in the winters.