The PSA Trek — “And I never fail to return.”

(The following is a message sent by Florida Sea Base General Manager Paul Beal to the Sea Base Friends and Alumni Association encouraging their participation in the PSA Trek as part of the Exchange Program. Paul’s poignant words in the last paragraph are an inspiration to PSA members to return to Philmont for the 25th Annual PSA Trek – the Silver Trek.)

From the Florida Keys

Dear Sea Base Alumni and Friends:

We all know the beauty of the sun setting over Florida Bay – the colors, the clouds and the sheer majesty of another day coming to a close. Have you ever seen the same sun set over the Sangre de Cristo mountains? If you’ve been there you know, and if you haven’t, it’s something to experience. This summer you’ll have the opportunity not only for the sunsets, but the sunrises and all of the magic of Philmont Scout Ranch as a part of the Exchange Program Trek with the Philmont Staff Association August 7 to 13.

This February we got to show the Philmont Staff Association and Summers Alumni Association (Northern Tier) the joy, fun and adventure of a Sea Base experience as a part of the Exchange Program and I would like to encourage you and your eligible family members to be a part of the Exchange ProgramTrek at Philmont this summer. You’ll have the opportunity to hike the trails trekked by untold thousands of Scouts since Philmont’s inception in 1938 and to spend time with others who have had the experience of serving on a High Adventure staff. It is a beautiful and wonderful place that will test your abilities and steal your heart.

Please go to the main 2011 PSA Trek Page to read how you can be a part of this great opportunity. It’s not often that we have the chance to experience the same program that has meant so much to so many. You now have that chance. I had this experience twice as a youth (back in “the day”) and those memories and lessons have stayed with me now for over 40 years. Now is your chance to relive and strengthen memories from when you went to Philmont or to make new ones if you’ve never been there.

Legend has it that if you look over your shoulder at the Tooth of Time as you leave Philmont, you’ll return someday. In the many times I’ve been there, I never fail to do this. And I never fail to return.

Capt. Paul Beal
General Manager
Florida Sea Base

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