In response to the unprecedented popularity of the 25th Annual PSA Trek – the Silver Trek – Philmont has made additional Trek slots available. The number of slots has been raised from 72 to 80.
The PSA will accept registrants over the 80 mark on a “standby” basis. Standby registrants will be mailed a medical form and Guidebook to Adventure so that they can have their medical forms and Trek planning completed if they clear the standby list – even if at the last minute.

Based upon past experience, it is expect that there will be 7-8 cancellations, maybe more, between now and Trek time. The first 7-8 persons on the standby list will have a good chance of clearing the standby list. After that the chances of clearing the standby list will diminish.

If at any time while you are on the standby list you change your mind and want to get a refund, you will be refunded your money. If you do not clear the standby list, your money will be refunded. If you do clear the standby list and then want to cancel, you will be subject to the standard cancellation policy: no refund for cancellations after July 1.

The standby list will be worked until the last minute to make sure that no slot goes unfilled and insure that the maximum numbers of persons possible earn the special award patch for the Silver Trek.

Have more questions about the Silver Trek?
Lee Huckstep at [email protected]
Doug Latimer at [email protected]
Chris Manheim at [email protected]

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