“we still talk about the memories”

From the Northwoods

Dear Philmont Staff Association Members:

Northern Tier and the Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association are excited to be teaming up with the Philmont Staff Association and the Sea Base and Friends Association to promote the 25th Annual PSA Trek – the Silver Trek – at Philmont August 7 through 13, 2011.

This High Adventure experience is a true benefit to the whole family. A real challenge in today’s society is passing the beauty of the outdoors to the next generation. We all, in some way, have benefited from our experiences at one of the BSA High Adventure Bases as a youth or in our adult lives.

As the General Manager of Northern Tier, I cherish the days crews arrive in anticipation of an experience that they have planned for 18 months. It is even more rewarding to watch these same crew members return from a 5 – 10 day experience in the wilderness. The expressions of confidence seen on the faces of young people right off the trail who are tired, dirty and longing for a shower and sauna portray the real benefit of a Trek.

I personally recall these same experiences as I hiked the Philmont trails on the 2009 PSA Trek with two of my four children. It is hard to say if the Trek was more beneficial to them or to me, but we still talk today about the memories we share. Better yet, the interest the other crew members, adult and youth, took ensuring everyone had a great experience is what clings to my memories to this day. Two years later, that Rick, Jeff, Steve, Lee, Doug, Sharon, Alex, Glenn and Joe still ask about my children and what they are doing is amazing.

Take the time now to bring your family on the 25th Annual PSA Trek in 2011.Time doesn’t slow down and we all have the responsibility to engage youth and adults in enjoying and protecting the great outdoors. It also counts as a trail experience for the Triple Crown Award, a real bonus!

Kevin Dowling
General Manager
Northern Tier Programs

Still have questions about the Silver Trek?
Dave Romack at [email protected]
Doug Latimer at [email protected]
Chris Manheim at [email protected]

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