Buy a Conservation belt buckle this year!

The attractive design commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Philmont Conservation Department. It also raises money for the important and popular PSA college scholarship program for current Philmont staff members.

The Philmont Staff Association gives college scholarships to deserving staff members in order to encourage them to return to the Philmont staff with less worry about education costs. The idea was born of collaboration between the PSA and Philmont ranch management. The PSA has given out more than $37,000 to insure staff members choose another summer at the ranch, instead of a more lucrative summer job just to make ends meet for college.

The PSA has done a great job raising money for these scholarships. We sold rocking chairs to fund scholarships. We raised money through donations. And last year we raised money with 100th Anniversary of the BSA buckles. We thought Conservation Department buckles would be a great addition to our growing buckle collection.

These buckles include a beautiful design incorporating the Conservation Anniversary logo: crossed axe and pick behind an arrowhead. The buckles are designed and crafted by Taos metal worker Norm Cutliff and made in the USA. The buckles will be available in a variety of materials, depending on your tastes.

Conservation 40th Anniversary buckles may be ordered through the end of 2011.

Orders taken by July 4th, 2011 will be available at the 2011 PSA Summer Reunion.

Antique Pewter: $25
Antique Bronze: $30
Two-Tone (Gold and Silver colors): $65
Sterling Silver: $475

Image above is an example of the design. It is not representation of the materials to be used. Better artwork as it becomes available.