1973 club banner

Hello fellow PSA member,

We need your support to help the Philmont Staff Association meet its goals. As a member you know the great job the PSA does each year in bringing you great events, news & updates, and assistance to Philmont staff and programs. Take a look at what we provide!

  • Seasonal Staff Scholarships and the Staff Amigos program
  • Rayado and ROCS Scholarships for campers
  • Reunions and Treks
  • High Country for news and more
  • The PSA website and e-newsletters
  • A voice with Philmont Management

None of this is possible without your generous contributions. In order to provide these services and grow for the future, we need to meet our Annual Giving goal by raising $84,000. Last year we had 484 members make a contribution to this drive. Let’s see if we can break the 500 mark in 2011!

We have a new, exciting, and convenient way to contribute to the PSA’s Annual Giving drive.

The PSA works year-round to provide services to its members and to Philmont. It is always a challenge to find operating funds, especially early in the year. The 19.73 Club pays tribute to 1973, the PSA’s founding year. Through the 19.73 Club you can donate a small amount every month with an automatic withdrawal and help the PSA meet its obligations.

Here’s how it works: Set up a monthly donation of just $19.73 (or multiples of that amount). It is painless and a great way to support the PSA.

You are also welcome to contribute to the PSA’s Annual Giving drive with a one-time contribution.

Set up your monthly contribution to the 19.73 Club. Classic one-time donations can also be made online through our website. Or you can contact the PSA office 575-376-1138 for more information or to set up your monthly contribution to the 19.73 Club or to make a one-time gift.

Thank you very much. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. With your contributions the PSA is able to give back to Philmont so we can ensure a bright future for its staff and our continued commitment to the Ranch.

John Murphy, VP Development