I remember leaving the Ranch after my second summer on staff—and realizing that it would probably have been my last. As I drove through the gates that last time thinking back on a great second year as a Ranger—but knowing there were still some challenges at Philmont I still wanted to tackle. Realizing that the pressures of getting through college and having to raise money for college during summers was going to preclude another summer at Philmont. I know that today’s seasonal staff also face that bitter choice more often than we want to realize. But our seasonal staff scholarship program might ease some of this pressure.

This year we had 98 applicants for seasonal staff scholarships (a record number)—our budget was for $25,000. During the Fall PSA Board of Directors meeting we were able to come up with a combination of budget cuts, savings, and other compromises to find another $9,000. Bringing our 2011 scholarship total to $34,000. I am humbled to serve with your Board that was able to realign priorities to exceed the expectations of the seasonal staff. All of this is only possible because of the generosity of you—the members of the PSA. Your steadfast support of the people, place and programs that are Philmont is reflected in your support of the Annual Fund.

Thanks from me and the 2011 seasonal staff that benefits from your financial leadership.


Jim Lynch

President of The Philmont Staff Association

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