My office tends to be a fairly cluttered place. You’ll find copies of the newspapers and magazines mixed with a copy of the Constitution and the rules and practices of the House of Representatives; coins, books and trinkets from my travels next to baseball hats and a few spare ties. But the item that I always get asked about is the simple five color topographical map of the Ranch on my wall. It hangs proudly above my computer so that when I’m looking for some inspiration, the words “North Fork Cimarroncito River,” “Black Horse Trail” and “Tooth of Time” aren’t very far from sight.

The conversation that the map begins usually leads to the same question “You worked at Philmont?” Those four words give me an opportunity to talk about the Philmont Staff Association. I’m proud of my summers working at the Ranch, and I’m just as proud to be part of the women and men who’ve worked at the Ranch and have chosen to become ambassadors to future generations of staffers. We’re the ones who’ve pitched the base camp tents, cleared the trails, staffed the backcountry and shown young men and women how to experience the university of the outdoors. To me, just as the Philmont experience is about rugged trails and high country vistas, it’s also about the men and women who you meet there and at events across the country who’ve had similar experiences. That’s why I’m proud to be a part of the Philmont Staff Association, and that’s why I give back to the Ranch.

Adam Fromm

Northeast Regional Director

Desk photo courtesy of krissikes